All in One Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Product Details

All In One Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Working Temperature


Working humidity


Measurement range

Depending on the material and thickness of the container.

if 5mm thick steel plate, the measurement range is 5~100cm.

Measurement accuracy


Peripheral interface

Analog voltage output、RS232  or  RS485

Analog voltage


Measurement range for analog voltage is:0~5V. 0~3V. 1~5V. 1~3V.

The actual level of the output is proportional to the voltage.

Vmax.  Vmin.  Vout.   Height=H;Range=L;

H=( Vout-Vmin)/(Vmax-Vmin)*L

Communication port


Baud rate:9600.  8 data bits.  1stop bit.  No flow control.  No parity bit.

The height value of the smoothing process is transmitted once per 10s.

(Baud rate、Transmission interval and parity bit can be customized)

Place of Origin:

Shenzhen China

Model Number:

ultrasonic level sensor


ultrasonic water level sensor and ultrasonic fuel level sensor

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