Tank Level Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Tank Level Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Tank level capacitive fuel sensor

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Tank level capacitive fuel sensor

lot of transportation companies have encountered such a thing:their employees secretly steal the oil from the truck's fuel tank and sell it. This has caused great losses for the company. Especially in recent years, oil prices have been rising and fuel costs have increased dramatically. Therefore, many companies have tried many ways to manage and control this transportation cost. In this case, install a GPS locator and fuel sensors is undoubtedly a very good choice. The fuel sensor can monitor the fuel consumption automatically in real time.

CLS2-700 Series is a very effective sensor which with 99.9% high accuracy. the length can be cut according the customers requirement. 

There are 4 kinds out put available:

0~5V output [CLS2-700A];     4~20 mA output [CLS2-700B];

RS232 output [CLS2-700C];    RS485output mode(CLS2-700D)

The main parameters:

Examination area: 100~1000mm

resolution ratio: 0.1%

Measuring accuracy:0.1%

Maximal error of measure :1mm

heat-resistant :-40~150

Diameter Φ18mm

Output signal :4~20mA,0~5V, RS485, RS232, CAN bus

Voltage supply :DC7~42V

Rated supply :0.1W

Fixed type :Screw installation M20X1.5 OR Flange mounting

Pressure range :-0.1MPa ~ 0.1 MPa

ambient temperature -40~85℃



More details images of the tank level sensor: