Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel Level Sensor

Capacitive fuel sensor 0 - 5V Parameters: Feature: * Measuring accuracy:0.1% * The Length can be cut. * Length can be customized made. definition of the output line: 0~5V output [ CLS2-700 A ]; 4~20 mA output [ CLS2-700 B]; RS232 output [ CLS2-700C ]; RS485output mode( CLS2-700 D) Fuel sensor...

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fuel level sensor

This CLS series of sensors is a metrology-grade measuring instrument with high resolution and measurement accuracy. It does not require manual intervention, is automatically calibrated, has no temperature drift, and is unaffected by changes in the medium. In other words, the same sensor, regardless of the temperature of the medium being measured, whether it is water or gasoline or diesel, correctly outputs the accurate level signal. The problem of difficult measurement of mediums such as ethanol gasoline and methanol fuel has been completely solved, and the measurement error caused by different oil labels and large differences in temperature has been solved at the same time. At present, the technology is unique in China and is at the international advanced level.


Examination area: 100~1000mm
resolution ratio:0.1%
Measuring accuracy:0.1%
Maximal error of measure1mm
Length700mm, 600mm,30mm etc, can be customized
Output signal4~20mA,0~5V, RS485, RS232, CAN bus
Voltage supplyDC7~42V
Rated supply0.1W
Pressure range-0.1MPa ~ 0.1 MPa
Fixed typeScrew installation M20X1.5 OR Flange mounting


* Measuring accuracy:0.1%

* The Length can be cut.

* Length can be customized made.

definition of the output line: 

0~5V output [CLS2-700A]

Black line  connect ground wire

Red line   connect positive power

White line  0~5V voltage signal output,connect voltage signal wire

Yellow line  empty fuel tank use only

Green line  full fuel tank use only\


4~20 mA output [CLS2-700B]:

Black line    connect ground wire

Red line     connect positive power

White line    4~20mA ampere signal out put,connect ampere signal line

Yellow line   empty fuel tank use only

Green line   full fuel tank use only


RS232 output [CLS2-700C]:

Black line   connect ground wire

Red line    connect positive power

White line   RXD input, connect car RS232 TXD

Blue line    TXD output, connect car RS232 RXD

Yellow line   empty fuel tank use only

Green line   full fuel tank use only


RS485output mode(CLS2-700D)

Black line    connect to CND

red line      connect to VDD

white line    connect to RS485 A

blue line     connect to RS485 B

yellow line marking for empty fuel tank

green line marking for full fuel tank

Fuel sensor installation method:

1, If it is an old car, the original sensor needs to be removed. The new car is installed directly;

2, Please check the accessories before installation: flange, rubber pad, O-ring, whether the screws are complete and consistent;

3, Place the O-ring on the root of the sensor;

4, Apply oil-resistant sealant to both sides of the rubber mat, and then fix the hole position with the flange and the fuel tank flange, and fix it with screws. When tightening, symmetrical rotation should be applied to ensure uniform force in all directions and avoid oil leakage. 

5, Insert the sensor into the wrench and tighten the wrench to complete the sensor installation.

6, Connect the power cable and communication cable separately according to the definition;

7, Check the line is normal, you can turn on the sensor power, the sensor can work normally.

fuel level sensor.jpghow to install fuel sensor.jpgcapacitive fuel tank sensor.jpg

When need cut length, need calibration.

Manual calibration :

at the time of empty fuel tank, put the yellow line short circuit with the ground wire( black line) , and then power on the sensor, operating for 60s or longer, after that , disconnect the back ground wire and the yellow line , and this operation could accomplish the calibration ( notice: Sensor already setted to 0 # diesel prior to shipment ,without Special Circumstances)

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