Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor

7.1 Protocol version This document describes the general protocol of Ultrasonic fuel level sensor, Protocol format contains a character segment protocol version number ,for the upper computer software to identification 7.2 capacitive fuel lever sensor Transmission...

Product Details

LED1 and LED2 are not bright at the same time.

There is no power supply, or the power supply voltage is not 9V~36V DC.

LED1 flashes red light, LED2 flashes green light.

Please check the probe and extension wire is inserted, and check whether the probe is pasted firmly.

The liquid level height has been in the ultrasonic blind area.

LED1 flashes green

LED2 flashes red.

Green wire connected incorrect. Disconnect the green wire , LED2 flashes green.

LED1 flashes green

LED2 sometimes dark or flashes red.

Power supply voltage is not 12V or 24V, Does not affect the normal use.

LED display screen does not bright.

Please check the connection between the display and the host is correct , and check the power supply;

The height displays is too large.

The liquid level height is in the ultrasonic blind area.

Can be returned to normal after the rise of liquid surface height.;

The height of the display shows suddenly dropped to “000.0”

This situation is normal; the display only shows real-time height, the liquid level fluctuation may cause the display shows 000.0, but it's not going to effect the serial port output or the analog output.

The height display shows is 1.1 times the height of the real-time liquid level

In different media, the transmission speed of ultrasonic is different.

When measuring the height of the water(fuel), make sure that the program of the sensor is configured to measure the water(fuel);

After the liquid level is raised or lowered, the serial or analog output is not changed.

Sensor will output serial port or analog data since probe setting successfully.

Working Voltage

9V~36V DC.

7.1 Protocol version

This document describes the general protocol of Ultrasonic fuel level sensor, Protocol format contains a character segment protocol version number ,for the upper computer software to identification

7.2 Transmission mode

Ultrasonic fuel level sensor using serial transmission mode, no parity bit, 8 bit data bit, 1 stop bit, no flow control, the default baud rate is 9600.

7.3 Protocol format

Ultrasonic fuel level sensor transmit protocol through ACS code, The format is *XD,efgh,ij,klmn,abcd,opqr,stuv,wxyz#

The generic version protocol takes the initiative to upload mode. The default sent once every 10 seconds.

Each field is explained as follows.


Field name




Start mark



Protocol version number



Software version number



Hardware version number






Smoothing value of the height



Echo signal strength



Software status code



Hardware fault code






Real-time value of the height






End mark

Among them "," is the inter field delimiter

7.4 Hardware fault code interpretation

Fault code



The ultrasonic probe is not connected, or the

Probe extension wire is broken.


The ultrasonic echo instability, Please check the ultrasonic probe is off


System voltage error, Please check whether the vehicle voltage low

4 5system reset abnormally
5 The analog voltage output is not correct
6 Blind area

HOLYKELL Ultrasonic sensor distance 10 meter, ultrasonic water level sensor and ultrasonic fuel level sensor is small blind precision ultrasonic sensors, designed for high precision, small blind, small scale, small installation space, equipment, supporting applications such as industrial designed.

Ultrasonic water Level Sensor Main technical characteristics:

1. non-contact measurement, environmental protection, safety, convenience.

2. split design, elegant appearance, convenient installation.

3. can be carried out in different environments from accurate line calibration, starting and ending point range,the output module, window lock value Junke keyboard settings, enable the conditions for a variety of Fuza work environment to meet the user to install on-site requirements.

4. with a wide range of temperature compensation and the original ERD interference identification system that allows measurement of high precision and stability.

5. with the value / difference measurement mode selection, ranging can also be measured position.
6. optional host computer or PC software, networking, a host can be 2 to 128 extensions on the network inspection (optional).

7. can be directly measured liquid in the weight of Level value (weight value) can be on-site and multi-output mode LED display Remote.

8. a full-scale spill prompts, and full-scale start and end any number of translation functions.
9. with "echo identification" function and "the slope of the" digital filtering, for different operating conditions.

10. with 4mA, 20mA digital fine-tuning features that make on-site installation and maintenance is very convenient and fast! With 1 to 15 transmit power selection, can be adjusted according to site conditions;

11. with 10 seconds / second ~ 100 times / sec test cycle set to fit for the measurement of fast and slow moving target capture

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