Why Corporate Vehicles To Install GPS Vehicle Monitoring System?

- Nov 14, 2017-

Enterprise vehicle use process, there are all kinds of confusion:

1, low utilization of vehicles is not easy to deploy or deployment unreasonable;

2, high vehicle costs: all kinds of costs do not match with the actual (lying bridge, tolls, energy costs);

3, the vehicle is unknown, driving directions can not control;

4, lack of supervision, vehicle safety, frequent bus private, pull private, due to distance and space constraints, the vehicle can not be adequately monitored, thus seriously causing enterprises and institutions to increase vehicle operating costs.

More and more enterprises and institutions start to adopt GPS vehicle positioning system of Heng Tianyu to save costs by carrying out 24-hour regular monitoring and management over the vehicle's specific location, running route, driving speed, parking time and parking place, mileage statistics, Improve car efficiency.

In the actual process of fleet management in enterprises and institutions, embodies the extremely strong practical value, has become an indispensable fleet management tool for enterprises and institutions. Effectively improve management efficiency, you can monitor more vehicles at the same time.

● real-time monitoring: 24 hours a day GPS satellite positioning tracking.

● High reliability: industrial design, high strength, stable and durable, not easily damaged.

● easy to maintain: you can remotely reboot the device, restore the factory settings, diagnosis, easy maintenance.

● compact size: easy to conceal installation, built-in powerful antenna to improve signal stability and positioning accuracy.

● The latest GPS positioning technology, the volume is less than 3 times the old machines, higher concealment, to prevent the criminals found to be removed.

● easy to operate: do not install the software, the browser online search car, you can also use the phone to check the car, more convenient, anytime, anywhere.

● Safety Management: speeding alarm, vibration alarm, SOS help alarm, you can report inquiries.

● full record: 2 months of driving data playback and recording.

● Dispatch command: According to the vehicle driving situation, the dispatching vehicle has the task to deploy the nearest vehicle and solve the problem of no reasonable basis for the vehicle dispatching.

● Regional alarm: the vehicle beyond the scope of the provisions of the alarm immediately.

● line inspection: track playback can check the mileage of the driving track for verification, tolls, gas station ticket verification.