Which Type Of Motorcycle GPS Anti-theft Device Is Better?

- Apr 18, 2018-

GPS car GPS electronics specializing in the production of vehicle motorcycle GPS anti-theft terminal products, allowing owners to bundle with the anti-theft device through the phone, any vehicle theft operation can be the first time the location and information will be sent to the owner of the phone. GPS and GSM dual positioning technology in caves, tunnels, basements, patented positioning technology, regardless of the location of the vehicle, can achieve positioning and recovery.

Motorcycle GPS tracking target Product Features:

1. SMS control: The owner can use the mobile phone to complete almost all operations such as positioning, tracking, querying status, querying parameters, setting parameters and so on. The location description is sent to the owner in Chinese SMS.

2. Cross-border alarm: In the armed state, if the vehicle moves beyond the set range, an alarm will be triggered. Alarm information is automatically sent to the monitoring center and the owner's mobile phone.

3, online search: can be positioning, monitoring, historical track query, marking locations and other operations, providing a variety of the latest electronic maps, GOOGLE maps, 3D satellite maps.

4, platform alarm: speed alarm, regional alarm, pop-up alarm sound and light tips.

5. Statistics: Statistics of speeding, mileage statistics, speed statistics, and statistics of alarm times.

6, cut off power: SMS control vehicle oil circuit and circuit.

In addition, motorcycles and electric vehicles can query real-time dynamic queries on Android and Apple phones.

Users can choose the motorbike gps tracking target as per their own need.