Vodafone And Huawei Complete First 5G Call Test

- Apr 13, 2018-

IT House February 23 news According to Global Network, citing foreign media reports, on the eve of the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC), Vodafone and Huawei announced that the two companies in Spain to use non-independent 3GPP 5G new wireless standards and Sub6 GHz band Completed the world's first 5G call test.

Vodafone said that this test used a test network and test equipment to perform 4G to 5G dual connectivity real-time data calls. This connection started at 4G, after which a data connection was established on the 5G network. Vodafone also said that engineers have successfully tested real-time HD video calls using the same method.

Huawei said that the results of this test show that 5G technology based on 3GPP standards has matured.