Speed And Passion 8 Tracker Count, Car Positioning Anti-theft I Only Serve It

- Nov 14, 2017-

A few months ago, "Speed and Passion 8", in addition to the breathtaking racing party hang skills, the number of Dome cross the necklace is impressive. If Doom did not hang the necklace in advance on the imprisoned son's plane, where there is a warm picture of family reunion? Where do you get the chance to name his son Bryant remember the old comrades? Why would the audience be in a mess

On the occasion of "mutiny," there are companions who tell us that only Bryant knows that Tom is thinking about something that can solve a team's dilemma. But Retty does not want to disturb Bryant's happy life, which can not help but make people feel moist. Fortunately, there is no Bryant, there are Dome cross necklace.

The eyes of the audience is sharp, many people have found that Duomu's necklace is actually a GPS tracker! Through his watch and necklace connection, you can quickly and accurately find the location of the necklace, find the son! I understand the truth I am impressed by Dom's wit, but also for positioning such a precise necklace tracker and fortunately.