Monitoring Common Problems In The Project

- Nov 15, 2017-

1, keyboard failure control. This phenomenon in checking the connection without problems, basically can be determined to manipulate the keyboard "crash" caused. Keyboard manipulation instructions, generally have to solve the "crash" method, such as "machine reset" and other ways, this method can be used to solve. If you can not solve, it may be the keyboard itself is damaged.

2, the host switch to the image is not clean. This failure phenomenon is displayed on the selected screen, superimposed with other screen interference, or other images of the line synchronization signal interference. This is due to the poor quality of the host matrix switch, up to the distance of the image caused by the request. If you are using a radio frequency transmission system, it may be the system of cross-talk modulation and mutual modulation caused by too much.

3, color distortion. This is a phenomenon easily caused by video baseband transmission in remote intervals. The main reason is caused by the transmission line caused by high phase shift signal is too large. This situation should be added phase compensator.

4, the supervisor image contrast is too small, the image light. If this phenomenon is not the subject of control of the host and the supervisor itself, the transmission interval is too far or the video transmission line attenuation is too large. In this case, a device for line amplification and compensation should be added.

5, the image clarity is not high, the details of the department is missing, will appear when the serious color signal loss or color saturation through too small. This is because the high-frequency loss of the image signal is too large, resulting in the basic loss of the signal above 3MHz frequency caused. This situation may be due to the transmission interval is too far, and there is no enlargement compensation device in the middle; or because the video transmission cable capacitance distribution is too large; or because of transmission links in the transmission line between the core and shielded cable has been distributed between the equivalent Caused by capacitance