LTE 4G New GPS Tracking Device

- Mar 20, 2018-

Good news, thanks for our software and hardware engineers effort, we have updated a new multi-functional tracking device, support 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA and 2G GSM.



1,MCU+module architecture, device steady and Durable.

2,internal G-Sensor to overcome excursion.

3,  reverse polarity protection.

4,Overcurrent high pressure protection.

5, ACC ignition detection.

6, temperature monitor.

7, fuel consumption monitor.

8, Open/close door monitor.(optional)

9, ultra-large capacity Blind area prescribed.

10, Wireless remote update software.

11, Support five RS232 interface, TTS words reports, USB/SD card store data, can connect fuel sensor, Camera, LED, RFID, LCD.

Hardware datasheet:

1, Internal industrial grade GSM communication model.

2, Internal 32 bits Cortex-M3 ARM CPU –STM32.

3, External GPS GSM antenna.

4, Internal G-Sensor, immediately judge the car’s status, Moving/still,  effectively anti-Static drift.

5, Internal independent watchdog IC, tracking the device status at anytime, automatically recovery fault.

6, Internal 32M+256K flash, can store more than 130000 pcs Dead zone compensation data package.

7, Internal 400mAh battery, can work 3-5 hours when the device disconnect with car power soure. (optional)

8, GPS/GSM Network LED light, show the device working status.

9, Can connect with SOS panic, temperature sensor, Fuel sensor, Camera.

10, Support 8 way positive edge triggering, 3 way Negative trigger input and 3 way Control output.