How To Install And Use Wired GPS Locator

- Nov 15, 2017-

1 Find a line

Inventory required positioning terminal accessories and wiring tools are complete. Simple GPS locator only need to connect the three lines (yellow off the oil if there is no demand for power off the oil off), so the first car to find out the following three lines.

  GPS locator red line → positive power (unplug the key is still electric line)

  GPS locator black line → negative power (unplug the key still have electricity line)

  GPS locator orange line → car / electric ACC / key line (check the engine switch status, it is recommended to connect the ACC line)

2 installed SIM card

Many friends do not understand why the GPS positioning system to install a mobile phone card, in fact, SIM card GPS positioning system has an important role, in short, GPS locator is responsible for collecting longitude and latitude data terminal, the acquisition of latitude and longitude data, through the SIM card GSM network to GPRS in the form of positioning data sent to the designated background, the final formation of positioning monitoring system.

Note: Make sure that the GPS positioning terminal is plugged into the SIM card when it is unpowered and is responsible for easy card burn.