How To Install A Tracker On The Car?

- Nov 14, 2017-

1, the car power supply is provided by the battery, the battery is connected to the positive pole, so you find one in the case of the closed key to find a hot wire, the battery is the negative and the car frame directly connected , So the negative directly on the iron on it. gps need a power on it. Then the antenna is ok.

2, in general, the positioning tracker installed in the control inside a good point. Automotive gps positioning tracker divided into three types: wiring (there are different functions, multi-function, slightly complicated wiring), OBD interface, with a strong magnetic. OBD interface installation is much simpler, just like the micro-T5S, just plug in the OBD port below the steering wheel on it. With ferromagnetic, that is, the magnet above the locator, as long as the adsorption in the car with iron, you can locate. Wiring a little trouble, to pick up the line, according to the different functions to be set, like Gami Car An gt2a only positioning function, only the positive and negative two lines, pick up and convenient; like the ACC line, the relay line Wait.

  Need to insert a CDMA card on the locator, connected to the GPS signal antenna and CDMA signal antenna, connected to the car's power supply, you can work, if you need off the oil power function, you can also connect the host off the oil control line , You can achieve these two functions, the GPS host and the car's main power cord connected to the prepared phone card login platform to start positioning.

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