Hateful Driver Grind A Child Repeatedly Be Proved By Cartracker GPS Tracking System

- Mar 11, 2018-

On March 5, 2018, a bus approached a 10-year-old child across the road in the Shenzhen Longhua. The driver saw the child knocked down and feared that the child did not die. If it did not die, it would cost more money, the hateful driver decided to crush the child once again, and the driver repeatedly rolled over the boythree times. Afterwards, the police inspected the scene of the accident and discovered that there was suspicious repeated rolling, but the driver did not recognize it. The traffic police found there is a GPS tracking unit installed in the bus. By coincidence,we Shenzhen Cartracker is the GPS Tracker supplier for that bus company. then, the police came to our company, through the computer end query, playback the historical track of the moment of the incident on March 5, The driver was confirmed to be lying, and the GPS positioning system showed that the driver did repeatedly crush 3 times and the map video showed clearly. The driver had to admit it.

Because this repeated rolling is the driver himself committing a criminal responsibility, this bus company has recovered a lot of losses. From this point of view, the vehicle installation of GPS does have a great advantage.

bus driver crosed a boy.jpg

crosed repeatedly.jpg