GPS Locaotr Application Area

- Apr 14, 2018-

GPS Locaotr application areas:

It is mainly used for positioning and navigation of ships, automobiles, airplanes and other moving objects. E.g:

1. Ship ocean navigation and inward water diversion

2. Aircraft route guidance and approach landing

3. Auto navigation

4. Ground Vehicle Tracking and Urban Intelligent Traffic Management

5. Emergency lifesaving

6. Personal travel and wild adventure

7. Personal communication terminals (integrated with PDAs, electronic maps, etc.)

8. Time synchronization of power, post and telecommunications, communications, etc. networks

9. Accurate time grant

10. Accurate frequency input

11. Various levels of geodetic measurements, control measurements

12. Road and various line lofting

13. Underwater topography

14. Crustal Deformation Measurement, Deformation Monitoring of Dams and Large Buildings

15.GIS application

16. Construction Machinery (Tire Cranes, Dozers, etc.) Control

17. Precision agriculture