Car Was Put On The GPS Tracker, How To Track The Investigation Who Is Put?

- Nov 14, 2017-

Buy a gps tracker installed in their own car well, you can always check the location of the car, whether it is anti-theft security or management are good, but if the third party, such as thieves, competitors, third-class secretly in their own Car GPS tracker installed, it was very diaphragmatic mind. If you really found someone else's GPS tracker installed on the car, how to track the detection of who put it?

GPS is divided into ordinary GPS, sleep GPS and deep sleep GPS

Ordinary GPS, every ten seconds to dozens of seconds to the server to send the current GPS location, this GPS generally must be connected because the power consumption is relatively large, but also easy to find, just find a more open, around 20 meters No one passing by, holding a hand signal detector, the sensitivity adjusted to 910 below the probe 900 up and down and 910 up and down the two frequency bands, from the car inside to the outside, every 20 cm interval, pause 20 seconds to see if it can detect Signal, if you find the signal of these two frequency bands, then through the mobile to determine the signal strength, when the signal is full grid, GPS in the range of 20 cm around the detector, and then the disassembly inspection can be. Here, 900 and 910 respectively correspond to the frequencies generated by GSM and GSM mobile phones sending GPS information. However, they need to be adjusted according to the frequency of the local mobile and Unicom base stations, and the fluctuation is about 6 or less.

Light sleep GPS, that is, through artificial settings, fixed time and fixed time every day, GPS location, the goal is to prevent being detected and save energy (possibly battery), such GPS through a dedicated device, With the shield, mold machine, lock the GSM card number within the GPS, and then activated by the device, which continuously send SMS or call to the number, so that the device is in the signal transmission state, continue to launch the 900 ~ 910 band signal, and then Hold the hand signal detector, according to the No. 1 method to detect, you can find.

Deep Sleep GPS, such GPS auto switch function, when it does not send a signal, it will shut down, any tool can not detect its information, which is also the deepest hidden GPS, it is difficult to find. However, since it is GPS, the purpose is to launch a wireless signal, there is always boot signal, this time we still use professional testing equipment, every few minutes by the frequency of continuous scanning, once the GPS boot, Sending the signal, you can be captured by the device, so as to activate and detect, the general cycle of such GPS will not exceed 24 hours, and sending time for the night, the reason why, in fact, very simple to install this GPS is to Tracing the car has nothing to do with the driver. The car usually goes on the road during the day and stops at the car park at night. At this moment, the short signal sent by the deep sleep GPS can lock the car and keep the car position.