Beidou Map APP

- Apr 08, 2018-

Beidou Map APP is expected to go live on May 1st!


Accurate navigation to specific lanes, accurate to centimeters!

Previously, we couldn't imagine what would happen if we left GPS.

Mobile navigation, WeChat share locations, maps for street food, and so on. GPS in the US almost monopolizes everything.

Nowadays, Beidou has become more and more powerful in its domestic layout, and GPS has come a long way!

According to media reports, the Beidou satellite navigation system has entered the intensive launch phase of global networking. The "National One Network" phase has been formally passed acceptance and can provide real-time dynamic centimeter precision positioning services in 21 provinces in China.

By then, under the Beidou empowerment, smart cities, autonomous driving, and smart logistics will realize large-scale commercial use.

In addition, according to the Chongqing Evening News reporter learned from the Shapingba District that the Beidou Map APP is expected to go live on May 1, when Baidu and Gao De may retire. You can download it from your mobile phone. The future is expected to be accurate to centimeters.

The Beidou Map APP is a basic location service tool based on Beidou satellite precision navigation service. It provides mobile users with real-time location and navigation and location-based clothing, food, housing, transportation and business information services. It is understood that Beidou map navigation is accurate to within 1 meter and is accurate to a specific lane.

According to the relevant person in charge of Beidou Internet of Things, “The Beidou map has intuitive and convenient road guidance, clear and clear voice prompts, new road signs and road hints for the main and auxiliary roads, roundabouts, and expressways, allowing users to see at a glance the status of the route. , Under complex road conditions can also calmly deal with. "Beidou map can also be based on the actual road conditions, given intelligent route optimization recommendations to improve travel efficiency.

There is a tall club in the world. With only four members, it attracts the attention of heads of state and the research of many top scientists. The club is the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). The four members are the US GPS, Europe. Galileo GALILEO, GLONASS GLONASS, COMPASS China.

China Compass is a new member, and it is also the most aggressive member of the development. What is Beidou? What is the impact on our lives? This is a very interesting topic.

◆ GPS, powerful


Older generations, such as my dad who has more than two decades of age, can be called an old driver. I remember when I was in elementary and junior high school and I always love to sleep. At this time my dad would wake me up and say:

"Don't sleep, look at the road, and then don't recognize the road."

It is a pity that after more than a decade of years, I have been unapologetic and I have rarely lost my way. After all, my mobile phone has a powerful navigation system.

My dad, who was very dissatisfied with my car-sleeping, also completely gave up on the idea of persuading me in recent years. Utilizing the GPS.

There are two main uses of GPS, military and civilian.

On the military side: Almost all US aircraft, tanks, precision missiles, and ships are using GPS.

On the civil side: Without GPS, the navigation of mobile phones, WeChat, and APP will all fall into an awkward state; the country’s power grid will enter an unstable state; autonomous driving technology, civil aviation aircraft taking off and landing with high precision, and precision agriculture are dreams.

The GPS system belongs to the United States. Over-reliance on GPS will inevitably cause hidden dangers. Such as GPS interference, deception.