5G+ Security Will Change Smart City Innovation

- Apr 17, 2018-

At present, many security products have been increasingly used in smart buildings, intelligent transportation, smart homes and many other fields, such as video surveillance, entrance and exit control (including biometrics, parking management, etc.), burglar alarms, and building intercoms. (With electronic patrols and public broadcasting belong to the community security protection equipment) Four major categories of equipment have emerged in the construction of "smart cities" and show a trend of prosperity. In particular, video surveillance equipment has received the most extensive application in the construction of “smart cities” and is playing a major role. With the continuous development of the “Smart City”, the important role played by the security industry has become increasingly prominent and clear. Security products and services have also become increasingly popular. When “smart cities” flow past the earth like spring breeze, opportunities are on the horizon. As long as we intensify our efforts to strengthen ourselves and seize opportunities, the security industry will surely usher in a green and vibrant prosperous spring. .

       Nowadays, with the development of data communication and multimedia business requirements, the development of 4G applications for mobile data, mobile computing, and mobile multimedia operations has brought tremendous changes to various industries. In particular, the development of the mobile Internet has become a user of all walks of life. Provides disruptive changes, including security. In the video surveillance industry, transmission methods are divided into wired transmission and wireless transmission. Currently dominated products and technologies in the field of wired transmission video surveillance are undergoing high-definition, intelligent and rapid development. It can be said that the trend of joint research and development of high-definition and smart has become the consensus of development in the video surveillance industry. With the advent of the 5G era, wireless Video surveillance is easier to deploy, and the more convenient advantages will be brought into full play. Wireless video surveillance will also gain greater development, even splitting the world over with wired transmission monitoring.

       4G technology reduces network deployment costs and shortens network installation time. Security equipment providers also continue to introduce new products and new integrated solutions that adapt to 4G networks to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent. It is conceivable that after the commercialization and popularization of 5G networks in the future, the products will become more and more abundant. The higher-definition cameras, wireless DVRs, wireless monitoring terminals, and home mobile monitoring solutions are even applicable to various intelligent terminals and wearable devices that involve monitoring. It will enter people's field of vision and change the current low penetration rate and application effect of intelligent terminals.