Xiaoyi GPS Locator Crowd Funding 8 hours before the line progress exceeded 100%

- Apr 18, 2018-

Xiaoyi GPS Locator Crowd Funding 8 hours before the line progress exceeded 100%

Qilu Evening News July 21st: After warming up three days in a row, at 10:00 a.m. on July 20, 2017 at Beijing time, this fully-anticipated product, “Xiaolang GPS Locator”, can be Called the black technology positioning artifact, it finally unveiled its mysterious veil in Jingdong crowdfunding.


Xiaoyan GPS Locator completed the crowdfunding goal in full for half an day on the line, 8 hours of sales exceeded 110,000! What makes Xiaoyi GPS Locator achieve such impressive results and become another explosive product of Jingdong?


From the introduction, this is a simple and generous locator, one-touch APP, one-way active open real-time tracking, up to 2S high-frequency precision positioning, focus on outdoor positioning, intelligent cloud trajectory tracking, more 30 days super Endurance ability, completely solve your worries.

Otaru GPS Locator was independently developed by Slightech, Inc. (Light Client Intelligent). Its brand, MYNT, owns the only red dot in the field of anti-lost hardware and the iF Prize winner is MYNT, a small smart anti-lost device, and robot "net red". —— MYNT SDENO ROBOT is a smart service robot and a vSLAM solution for digital vision and MYNT EYE. As a technology company that focuses on artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware devices, it is on the basis of Xiaoyu’s intelligent anti-lost device. Based on the anti-lost field, Slightech introduced the Xiaohao GPS intelligent locator, which can realize long time through abundant electric energy. The powerful features of real-time tracking and trajectory reproduction in the cloud provide direct insights into the loss of consumer goods and the pain points of lost family members. It also provides a possible solution to many anti-lost scenarios.

The small body is not doped with any extra elements. The design style of the avenue to Jane perfectly hides the SIM card slot and charging port in the rotating design. The hiding of the floating point of the mosaic is even more ingenious. The low-profile appearance makes it unobtrusive and safe even if it is placed in a bag.


The mobile phone client downloads the “MYNT” APP, and actively starts real-time tracking through the mobile phone, positioning the high-frequency frequency accurately, and obtaining a GPS positioning point every 2 seconds at the fastest, which is 3 times higher than the market positioning efficiency average value.


Thanks to the powerful connection technology of Xiaoyi GPS Locator, when you enter the distance of 30 meters near the target, the mobile phone Bluetooth will automatically connect to Xiaozhuo GPS, and a key to trigger the Xiaoying GPS alarm function, this unique alarm sound recognition Extremely high and ring sound up to 90db, even in a noisy environment can easily hear 30 meters away, with alarm sounds to find the target, fast and easy.


Otaru GPS battery power up to 2000mAh, each charge for 4 hours will continue to work for 30 days, standby time can reach up to 2 years. With the high-efficiency embedded scheme, the Xiaoyu GPS battery has a high utilization rate of 99%. Long life, so you do not fear losing.

In addition, Bluetooth can continue to transmit Bluetooth signals for 60 days when it is in a low battery protection state or unable to obtain GPS positioning. You can share your device with WeChat friends so that everyone can help find it through WeChat.

Otaru GPS Locator also has a lot of human features, which are waiting for you to find one by one. Interested people can go to Jingdong crowdfunding to search for "a small 觅 gps smart locator to find out."