Will Wuling's Optical Oxygen Sensor Lose Fuel

- Apr 09, 2018-

The questions you are consulting about oxygen sensors are: to strengthen the protection of atmospheric environment vehicles using closed-loop exhaust gas control, and to add three-way catalytic converters, oxygen must be installed to control the mixture around the theoretical air-fuel ratio and also to protect the three-way catalytic converter. The function of the sensor is to detect the content of oxygen in the exhaust gas and send it to the engine of the engine. The computer can control the fuel injection rate of the injector. Oxygen sensor damage engine The computer can not properly capture the oxygen content of the exhaust gas (thickness or lean exhaust gas) there will be a series of problems such as increased fuel consumption, excessive exhaust emissions, three-way catalyst poisoning and so on. If it can be determined that the oxygen sensor is damaged, it is recommended that you replace it as soon as possible.