Which vehicles need to install the positioning system

- Nov 14, 2017-

1. Private car travel

Car GPS can be in a completely unfamiliar environment through the path guidance and planning system to find the correct driving lines, inquiries to their needs hotel, parking and other information.

2. Vehicle anti-theft monitoring

Installed vehicle positioning system In the case of illegal start-up, will be issued sound and light signals to deter criminals to remind others of theft vehicles; second vehicle system will be stolen warning message to inform the owner and traffic center, while the vehicle location Displayed at the center console, police officers can locate the stolen vehicle in the shortest possible time and capture the criminals.

The hospital 120 first aid

In the field of medical rescue, the ambulance was arrived at the scene within the shortest time by using the vehicle positioning system.

4. Freight logistics vehicle management

Vehicles can dynamically adjust the driving directions through the vehicle GPS positioning system. The dispatching center can track the position of the vehicles in real time by means of the car song positioning system.

5. Bus scheduling and management

By using GPS vehicle monitoring system to supervise and manage buses, it is possible to adjust buses in real time according to dynamic traffic information to improve the operational efficiency of buses and get rid of the backwardness of bus dispatching.