What's the commonly encountered problem in the use of GPS locators.

- Apr 20, 2018-

GPS locators will inevitably encounter some minor problems in the process of use, such as the following three issues. What causes it?

  1. Can not search the stars at home, GPS by direct receiving US GPS satellite signal work, need to see the sky outside the place to receive satellite signals, indoor can not receive.

  2. Inaccurate positioning, GPS normal plane positioning error within 10-20 meters, affected by many factors such as weather, US GPS policy, and sometimes even larger. If the location indicated by the map is not accurately on the road, the reason may be that the signal is bad and the delay causes errors. It may be that the map data is occasionally deviated or the road may be wide, so it seems that the GPS seems to stably offset the road.

  3. Can't search for stars or search for stars slowly. Don't worry if you can't search for stars or search for stars slowly. Please change the location and try again. Do not use one or two, or a day or two, to determine the quality of the GPS. Since the status of the satellites varies from day to day, perhaps the same place, the morning signal is full, but the evening signal is almost.

    The above three problems are commonly encountered in the use of GPS locators.