What's the basic functions for a personal GPS Tracker

- Apr 20, 2018-

1 positioning function: immediate positioning, regular positioning.

2 Two-way call: The authorization number corresponding to the key can be set separately. When the key is pressed, the authorization number can be dialed and the call can be answered.

3 alarm functions: emergency alarm, displacement alarm, speeding alarm, cross-area alarm, low-power alarm, burglar alarm.

4 E-fence: The central management personnel can set the terminal's driving area. When the terminal exceeds the preset limited area, it will automatically send alarm information to the monitoring platform and send a short-range alarm to the supervising mobile phone.

5 Remote monitoring: You can set the monitoring number. When the number dials the terminal, the terminal will automatically answer it, which will play a monitoring effect.

6 Automatic sleep: built-in vibration sensor, if there is no vibration within the specified time, it will automatically enter the sleep state.