What is Jetta fuel consumption?

- Apr 10, 2018-

There are many factors that may cause high fuel consumption in the winter. For example, driving habits (emergency fueling, sudden braking, neutral coasting, speed mismatch with gears), low tire pressure, poor quality oil, and ignition system failure And electronic control system failures, etc., these failures will increase the vehicle's fuel consumption. Secondly, if the vehicle is not maintained on time, for example, if the air filter, gasoline filter, spark plug, clutch plate and other components are not replaced in time, fuel consumption will increase. Then there are the failures of carbon deposition and electronic control systems, such as the carbon deposits of the throttle body, idle valves, and fuel injectors, and the inaccuracies of oxygen sensors, intake pressure sensors, and water temperature sensors, all of which affect the vehicle's fuel consumption. High oil consumption requires a thorough inspection. For your car, if you remove the problem of improper maintenance and driving habits, the increase in fuel consumption may have a certain relationship with oil and road conditions, you can observe for a few days, if the fuel consumption does not change much, there is no rise 1 litre or 2 liters, there should be no fault, it is difficult to accurately calculate the fuel consumption of vehicles driving in urban areas