What causes the GPS tracker offline?

- Apr 11, 2018-

GPS locators are believed to be used by many people, especially for car owners. In life, GPS locators provide us with a lot of convenience for travel, let us better manage our own cars, and we can also carry out anti-theft tracking. Therefore, it has become our closest partner in the travel process. However, most vehicle owners will encounter a problem that GPS locators will be offline. What causes this? Let me discuss it with you!

The first point is that the SIM card in the GPS locator has no money. For example, I have used a Broadband long-standby GPS locator previously, because the SIM card was donated at the time of purchase and the credit card was pre-stored. Fixed monthly deductions, but later did not know the cost, it has been off-line state, called the phone to know what happened.

The second point is that the GPS locator has no power, and the GPS locator will be offline when it is shut down or powered off. It is recommended that you use the mobile phone to dial the device's SIM card number. If this fails, you will not reply to the device number. That is, the device is powered off or the current and voltage of the power supply line are unstable.

The third point is that there is a problem with the GPS module's communication module (GSM module), and if it is for this reason, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer to replace the GSM module.

      The fourth point, your car is in the signal blind area, this situation is a relatively common situation, the platform can not receive the GPS locator information, of course, shows the offline.

The fifth point, the GPS antenna is broken.

The sixth point is that the GPS locator module has a reduced sensitivity and cannot be located.

The seventh point is that the GPS locator is installed near a metal object. This means that the device cannot receive GPS signals from satellites. Of course, some GPS personal locators and pet locators are also suitable for these reasons.