The main function of installing GPS locator in private cars

- Apr 19, 2018-

1 and 3 months historical track query: including playback speed and trajectory, providing analysis basis for vehicle usage, fuel consumption statistics, mileage statistics and traffic accidents.


2, positioning anti-theft, based on satellite positioning system, the use of remote control technology, real-time display of the vehicle position on the platform, even if the vehicle was stolen, it can quickly find the vehicle.


3, satellite positioning, real-time street view, at a glance, whether it is to find a car, surveillance car or security is very practical.


4, chase cars, a key navigation. When you work outside, forget where the car is parked, try the one-click navigation in the chase mode and let you find the parking location in minutes.


5, alarm information reminds, such as the vehicle's ignition start, speeding alarm, GPS demolition alarm, etc., not only allows the safety of the vehicle upgrade, more importantly, to remind the owner safe driving at any time.