The era of 3G gps locator is approaching

- Apr 17, 2018-

With the rapid development of information technology and the universal popularity of Internet technology. People's ability and speed of processing and exchanging all kinds of information have greatly improved, and it is time for the locator to be replaced. At present, the use of 3G module positioning device is now relatively rare, 3G cost is higher, common are 2G modules, but you can use 3G cards, 4G cards.


So what is a 3Ggps locator? It is the use of 3G modules within the designator that can use 3G networks to implement network transmission of data. Relative to the 2G module, the cost is higher, but the transmission speed is faster and the positioning speed is faste


Some friends will have to ask, since the 2G network can use the locator, it is necessary to develop 3G locator it?


The answer is yes. As early as two years ago, operators led by China Unicom and China Mobile have begun planning to close down 2G networks. After the technical changes between the 3G and 4G generations, the 2G network that has been operating for more than 10 years has become a heavy economic burden for the three major operators. As we all know, compared to 3G and 4G networks, 2G network tariffs are very low, and some packages even as low as 3 yuan. According to China Mobile and China Unicom, the $3 card can be found everywhere in the country. In terms of operating costs, the costs of 2G and 4G networks are almost the same. In addition, the 2G network base station technology is relatively old, and the energy consumption is relatively high. The three largest operators have the most 2G users, but the least money is made. In some areas, the 2G network even runs at a loss. More importantly, the continued use of high-quality frequencies used by 2G has led to a significant increase in the cost of 4G network construction for the three major operators. This is the real reason for shutting down 2G networks.


In foreign countries, AT&T in the United States, Bell, Telus, Singapore, Australia, and other operators in the United States have shut down their 2G networks.


In order to adapt to the changes in the market, gps locators naturally develop towards 3G and 4G.