The elderly GPS positioning phone watch What are the specific features

- Apr 17, 2018-

The elderly GPS positioning phone watch What are the specific features?

In the past two years, the telephone watch has gradually received attention. Among them, children's positioning watches and old people's positioning watches have the highest degree of attention. However, there are still a lot of netizens who said that it is not clear what the old man has done to locate the watch. It seems that there is no other function except positioning and making calls. In fact, the function of the elderly to locate the watch is far more than that. Here we take the D100, the brand of Shenzhen Guangrun Information Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, to introduce the functions of the elderly in the mainstream market.

The old DISD positioning watch is lightweight and the dial is large and thin. The screen of the watch shows large and clear fonts, loud and clear sound, easy operation, and rich and varied functions.


1. Positioning function, which is one of the core functions of positioning watches for the elderly. The old Dest positioning GPS D100 uses GPS, LBS, WiFi and other multi-positioning. No matter what kind of environment, it can guarantee the watch to receive the specific position information. In the outdoor, the position can be accurate to the range of 5 meters. It is already civil use. The highest standard of the locator.

2. Big head like phone book, two-way call, parents and children can quickly call through the watch, the elderly encounter problems, you can call the children for help, timely communication and timely solution.

3, SOS for help, the elderly accident at home, when you fall out, you can call for help, in an emergency can contact the children within the shortest time, get timely assistance to avoid serious consequences.

4, electronic fence, if parents have Alzheimer's disease and other diseases, you can set a safe area for parents on the map, when the parents leave the area, the watch will automatically give children an alarm, to keep abreast of the elderly, to prevent loss.

5. Historical track, APP can inquire about the three-month travel trajectory, grasp the direction of the route the old man has gone through, stay at the time, and understand the real-time position of the parents.

6, health monitoring, DISC old man positioning watches D100 also heart rate detection, accuracy can reach ± 2DB, to achieve professional level.

7. Entertainment time and other functions, such as step functions, medication reminders, music operas and other functions, can increase the lives of the elderly and enhance their happiness.



The above functions of the elderly GPS phone watch can refer to Distet official website "old man positioning watch" in detail, Chengzhao domestic and foreign agents, OEM OEM, cross-border e-commerce specifically for direct call 0755-83355658,15112518633 South Korean manager contact. At present, under the impetus of science and technology, the elderly GPS-enabled mobile phone watch is constantly updating and updating. The function of the future will be more and more abundant, and will increase a variety of health detection functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, brain wave, etc. It is also getting stronger. Strengthen the connection between children and parents and pay attention to the physical condition of the elderly in real time. It is also the main direction of development for the elderly to locate watches. Therefore, what is the biggest function of the elderly positioning the watch, in fact, for the elderly is to feel the care of everyone, for the younger generation, is a more assured, less a worry.