The basic functions of logistics vehicle GPS monitoring and management

- Apr 19, 2018-

1. Service period reminder (platform function): The center platform can count the service period of all vehicles. When the vehicle service period is about to expire, the platform will prompt one month in advance.


2. Driving record analysis (platform function): The center platform can intelligently analyze the driving record of the vehicle by recording the mileage and time of the vehicle during a certain period of time and recording the highest traveling speed of the vehicle.


 3, SMS check the car (must be bound to the user's mobile phone number, binding up to 3): Through the SMS command real-time query the Chinese location of the vehicle, when the GPS is not positioned, or GPRS is not online, directly reply to the vehicle status information.


4, mileage statistics: original high-frequency positioning technology, one-second positioning real-time calculation of mileage, the center platform can be daily or monthly vehicle mileage accurate statistics, and output statements.


5. Fuel consumption statistics: According to the high-precision mileage statistics, plus the vehicle's average fuel consumption data (background input), the system automatically calculates the theoretical fuel consumption and outputs the report. Effectively avoid the safety hazards caused by drilling the oil sensor installed in the original car tank and ensure the safe driving of the vehicle.