The advantages and disadvantages of a wired GPS tracker

- Nov 14, 2017-

The more "wired" cable GPS than the wireless GPS is used to connect the vehicle's power cord, ACC cord, etc. The working power of the wired GPS is provided by the vehicle. Generally, the built-in miniature battery can still work after the power is cut off 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours, to prevent the device lines are cut maliciously unable to continue working.


1, Because the working power of the wired GPS can be provided by the vehicle, the biggest feature of the wired GPS is that it can locate in real time in 24 hours without worrying about the equipment being suddenly not ionized. In signal strength, the signal of the wired GPS device is stronger. The positioning accuracy Relatively better.

2, function, wired GPS tracker powerful, real-time location tracking, remote off the oil control, fuel consumption monitoring, the establishment of electronic fence area, you can speed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, vibration alarm, illegal mobile alarm ... everything , In the vehicle monitoring platform can also view the vehicle within 90 days of driving track.


1, wired GPS must be connected with the vehicle power cord, the installation location is not flexible enough, can only be installed to have a place where the power cord, it is easy to find ways to break the lawless elements, loss of function;

2, In addition, the real-time positioning function of wired GPS makes the device always in signal receiving / sending status, and criminals can use the GPRS signal jammer / detector to interfere with the working status of the device or find the installation location of the device.

Applicable Vehicle Type:

Enterprises and caravans, bus passenger transport, tracking and detection, valuable logistics and transport, cargo tracking and other related industries.