Shaanxi positioning management, fuel detector solution

- Apr 17, 2018-

Shaanxi positioning management, fuel detector solution

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    China Coal Land (Xi'an) Video Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that combines high-tech, high-tech and domestic first-class GPS product production, GPS technology research and development, central product operation, and GPS information services. The company's sales and service network is spread all over the country. The company adheres to the service philosophy of "Leading technology and customer first", and devotes itself to the mobile target integrated information service industry, shaping professional strengths and building leading brands.

1. China's huge inventory and incremental transportation carriers have great demand for GPS.

    By the end of 2005, China had a large number of taxis, 9 million cargo vehicles, 3 million passenger vehicles and nearly a million ships of various types, and there were also a considerable number of transportation carriers for railways and aviation. The domestic logistics industry is a sunrise industry. The development of the logistics industry will inevitably bring about rapid growth of various types of transportation carriers.

    As people's requirements for the monitoring, tracking, and intelligent management of transportation carriers increase, the demand for GPS will increase. If the GPS tracking system is extended from special vehicle applications to private vehicles and public vehicle applications, especially for long-distance transportation vehicles, the market will expand rapidly. It is estimated that there will be more than 480,000 vehicles per year and the output value is about 1.4 billion yuan. .

2. Demand in China's car market will form a huge potential for GPS.

    In the past, the popularity of cars in China was extremely low. With the development of the domestic economy and the increase in residents' income, the domestic car market capacity will grow at a relatively rapid rate for quite a long time. After China's accession to the WTO, due to the drop in auto import tariffs, the sales price of cars has decreased, and the market demand has become more robust. According to statistics from the National Information Center and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, car sales were 5.6908 million in 2005, an increase of 17.18% year-on-year. Among them, 2.9 million cars were sold, a year-on-year increase of 15%. It can be seen that the sales growth rate of cars is obviously higher than the average growth rate of automobiles.

    GPS with very practical functions such as navigation, positioning, and theft prevention has a great market demand in the growing car market. If 10% of the new vehicles are loaded, the annual demand will exceed 250,000 units. In the future, when the GPS price/performance ratio is further increased, its market demand will show a multiplication trend.

3. The domestic GPS navigation application is in the lead-in period. According to the experience of Western countries, in the long run, the market capacity is extremely large.

    GPS navigation applications are more common in North America, Europe, Japan and other places, car navigation sales ranking first in all types of GPS market. However, the development of GPS navigation in China is far behind the application of GPS control, positioning, and tracking, and it is still in the lead-in period. If electronic maps closely related to GPS are gradually perfected, and the dynamic content is continuously enriched and the practicality of GPS navigation is improved, the market prospect of the future navigation system is quite promising, and its market capacity will increase substantially with the development of the automobile market.

4. The combination of GPS and mobile communication networks and the Internet has become a trend of communication and navigation.

    A wide range of mobile communication networks (GSM, CDMA, GPRS) and low-cost Internet provide very convenient transmission methods for GPS. The combination of GPS and GPS will certainly become the development trend of communication and navigation.

5. With the development of computer and Internet technologies, on-board GPS systems are also more advanced, more diversified, and more popular.

GPS application areas:

It is mainly used for positioning and navigation of ships, automobiles, airplanes and other moving objects. E.g:

1. Ship ocean navigation and inward water diversion

2. Aircraft route guidance and approach landing

3. Auto navigation

4. Ground Vehicle Tracking and Urban Intelligent Traffic Management

5. Emergency lifesaving

6. Personal travel and wild adventure

7. Personal communication terminals (integrated with PDAs, electronic maps, etc.)

8. Time Synchronization of Power, Posts and Telecommunications, and Communication Networks

9. Accurate time grant

10. Accurate frequency input

11. Various levels of geodetic measurements, control measurements

12. Road and various line lofting

13. Underwater topography

14. Crustal Deformation Measurement, Deformation Monitoring of Dams and Large Buildings

15.GIS application

16. Construction Machinery (Tire Cranes, Dozers, etc.) Control

17. Precision agriculture