Quickly detect the GPS positioner and the vehicle is positioned

- Apr 19, 2018-

Quickly detect the GPS positioner and the vehicle is positioned

First of all, it depends on the value of the GPS locator being installed. In many cases, it is misjudged by mistakes in its own judgment. It is also easy to cause accidents when the vehicle is driving, and it is judged whether the vehicle is maliciously installed by some people with ulterior motives to install the GPS positioning device. This requires the purchase of equipment to self-test or request a professional inspection company.

At the beginning, you can buy some cheap equipment, such as magnetic detectors, which are usually several hundred dollars. You can learn while learning, at least know this principle. The GPS positioners installed outside the vehicle body are equipped with magnets, which make it easier for people who are maliciously transferred to install.

Don't be fooled by the misleading behavior of the equipment, and casually telling you that the scanner will detect the position of the locator. It turns out that detecting with a magnetic detector is very time consuming because it only alarms about three centimeters from the locator. And there must be no obstacle between the detector and the positioner. The thickness of a box of cigarettes cannot be detected.

When checking, it is best to open the vehicle to a place where there is a landing gear. When testing, especially behind the chassis and steel beams, it is necessary to carefully inspect, and one inch is not let off. It is estimated that it will take more than half a day, and it can take a few Day time is not as easy as you think.

The GPS positioners installed in the car are basically designed to have a stable power supply for a long period of time. The advantage is that there is no need to change the battery and they are all without magnets. Therefore, the magnetic detector will lose its function for this type of wire connector. GPS locators inside the car are more troublesome to detect. Basically, they are installed on the power line in the car. It is very difficult to check the lines. Some locators work very finely, and it is impossible to distinguish whether or not the vehicle itself is.

This kind of behavior is generally performed by acquaintances. The GPS locator is installed in the car in basically two areas, on both sides of the instrument panel and taillights of the trunk. The taillights can be disassembled and examined by themselves. The inside of the instrument panel is troublesome to check up. After installation, you can go to the depths without having to go to the depths. It is not necessary to go anywhere. Need a professional auto repair factory to do circuit testing.

If the above two methods will not work, only the purchase of WD-9009 detector or Fp-102, Taiwan Lu Wei detector is not bad (English page is a bit cumbersome) Fujian, Guangdong also have the production of such equipment, but the frequency of detection is too much Now. These kinds of equipment belong to the frequency measurement activation detection, that is to say that first find its frequency and then give it activation, in addition to switching frequency detection tools to implement the position search locator, but the equipment is expensive, in order to detect a car is not worth it, and finally There is also a way to find a company that specializes in detecting GPS positioning devices.