LV Echo GPS Tracking Unit come to the world

- Apr 09, 2018-

Nowadays, LV innovated a tracking unit to tracking their LV bags, Vuitton Echo's $370 luggage tracker. The device allows users to locate the luggage through the LV Pass app, supports Android and iOS, and provides Sigfox's three-year subscription service. Sigfox subscription allows users to track baggage at airports around the world. When you get off the plane, the app will inform you of the location of the baggage and whether it was opened during the trip. The device also has an automated built-in flight mode so no data is transmitted during flight. The device is relatively small, black block, the only LOGO is the top of the LV logo, the device has a light sensor, battery indicator, switch key and charging port. LV Echo is charged by Micro USB, LV said that it can have a battery life of 6 months after charging for one hour.

tracking LV bag.jpg