Lingshao's high fuel consumption, how to do

- Apr 10, 2018-

Lingshao's high fuel consumption, how to do ?

Model: Southeast lions Style: Tiptronic Displacement: 1.6 Years: 03 years in June Number of kilometers: 11 million or so Problem Description: My car is running normally and it is also relatively strong, but it is high fuel consumption, but also to two or three repairs The factory asked the master to carry out various inspections without any problems. However, after the normal driving, the fuel consumption was too high. Now it reaches 12,13 litres per 100 kilometers. Ask the expert to give a solution. The master of the repair shop also said that the normal fuel consumption of this car should be 7 to 8 liters of oil. All tests did not have any problems. My head must be upset. In the past, the normal fuel consumption was 9 liters per 100 kilometers, which was lent to friends in the first two months and was just coming back. If that expert can call me, thank you very much

Sincerely, Hello: There are many factors that lead to high fuel consumption for your inquiries. For example, driving habits (refueling, sudden braking, neutral coasting, speed inconsistent with gears), low tire pressure, and the addition of inferior oil products. , Ignition system failure and electronic control system failure, these failures will increase the vehicle's fuel consumption. Secondly, if the vehicle is not maintained on time, for example, if the air filter, gasoline filter, spark plug, clutch plate and other components are not replaced in time, fuel consumption will increase. Then there are the failures of carbon deposition and electronic control systems, such as the carbon deposits of the throttle body, idle valves, and fuel injectors, and the inaccuracies of oxygen sensors, intake pressure sensors, and water temperature sensors, all of which affect the vehicle's fuel consumption. High oil consumption requires a thorough inspection. The high fuel consumption is also very much related to the driving conditions. Long-term low-speed driving of vehicles in urban areas will certainly lead to high fuel consumption. I hope that my reply is helpful.