Is there any radiation on the gps locator tracker

- Apr 19, 2018-

Does the gps locator tracker have radiation affecting our body? The gps locator tracker's core components are divided into two parts. One is the GPS part. The radiation in this part is very small and almost negligible because it is purely received. The equipment, like a radio. Another part is the location sending part, which is similar to a short message module. This part of the radiation is similar to mobile phones.

The gps locator tracker is actually the same as many of our home electronics products, such as a mobile phone and a tablet computer. Electronic products are radiated, but the radiation hazards are different in size, but the gps locator tracker is simply receiving electronic products and does not have radiation itself. But the gps locator tracker and mobile phone, the radiation is very low, basically no need to worry. If you are pregnant and you are really worried, you can avoid using these devices.