How to install a motorcycle GPS Tracking target

- Apr 17, 2018-

The GPS locator can realize the anti-dismantling and anti-shielding function of the automobile GPS locator. As long as the GPS locator is trimmed or the signal is shielded, the original vehicle key cannot start the vehicle, and the anti-theft function is truly realized. The safety status of the vehicle in the stopped state is first, and the parking deployment function is initiated. Whether it is illegally dismantled or the power failure alarm or abnormal vibration is immediately notified to the owner's mobile phone. Raise the safety of the vehicle to a new height (vibration alarm)

So, how to install the motorcycle GPS tracking device?

1, to the motorcycle to install the GPS locator is best to use the wiring, the wiring is easy on the motorcycle, the installation is not connected, then when riding a motorcycle is easy to fall down, so you lose out;

2, in terms of hardware functions, in addition to the need for simple positioning functions, it is recommended to increase the remote fuel-off power function, and need to have a built-in battery inside the motorcycle GPS positioner, that is, can be accurately positioned for hours after being cut;

3, vibration alarm function, that is, when the motorcycle is shaken in the situation you do not know, there may be a problem, then it will alarm to your phone, there is a car GPS monitoring system, greatly facilitated you.

4, car GPS monitoring system, in fact, it also needs a lot of features, need to accurately locate and track playback, mileage, stay and other data