How to deal with excessive fuel consumption

- Apr 11, 2018-

How to deal with excessive fuel consumption? 6 teach you to reduce fuel consumption


I often hear some friends say that the car consumes a lot of fuel, so how can we reduce fuel consumption? Here, the author summarizes six methods to teach you how to reduce the car's fuel consumption.

First, soft start

Hang on the low block and slowly step on the accelerator pedal to accelerate slowly. When the car reaches a certain gear speed, learn to listen to the sound of the engine to gradually shift the gear from low to high. This can reduce the engine's warm-up time and increase fuel efficiency. If you start the throttle to increase speed, this will not only hurt the car will greatly increase fuel consumption.

Second, the use of economic speed

The average economic speed of a car is between 60Km/h~80Km/h. When the car is running at economic speed, it is the most fuel-efficient. Whether the speed is too high or too low is not good for fuel economy. When the vehicle speed is low, the piston moves at a low speed and the combustion is incomplete. When the vehicle speed is high, the increase in the intake air speed causes the intake air resistance to increase, all of which increase the fuel consumption.

Third, lift the throttle

Raise the throttle to save fuel. If you slam the throttle, it will suddenly reduce the engine speed and play a drag role, offset some of the inertia of the car, and make the car "vibration" and increase fuel consumption.

Fourth, shift timely

The shifts should be quick and timely, especially when driving on slopes. The shorter the shift time, the better the dynamics of the car and the more fuel it can save. If the shift is not timely, and the hands and feet with a bad fit and empty step on the throttle, it will inevitably greatly increase fuel consumption.

Fifth, reduce the brake

Braking is essentially a process of energy conversion. Braking means energy consumption. Therefore, when passing through intersections and downhill slopes, the accelerator should be lifted in advance. If the performance of the car is good, you can also hang the neutral block to let the car decelerate naturally and achieve the purpose of “sliding brake”.

Six, keep the distance with the car

If the road is congested and the front vehicle brakes frequently, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient distance from the vehicle ahead. This can allow for a deceleration and reduce the number of braking operations to achieve fuel-efficient operation.