How to calculate the fuel consumption of a car

- Apr 10, 2018-

How to calculate the fuel consumption of a car?

For car owners, car fuel consumption is a very concerned issue. Although each car has a standard fuel consumption data at the time of delivery, many friends have found that this standard fuel consumption will always have a certain gap with actual fuel consumption.

Let's take a look at the actual fuel consumption estimation of the car.

Reference theory fuel consumption estimation

100 km fuel consumption = theoretical fuel consumption + (2~2.5)

Although this method is only estimated, it is not without examples. Since it is an estimate, there will certainly be errors, but if you are a novice, or do not have enough time to calculate the exact fuel consumption, you can use this method to temporarily estimate, or there will be some reference.

The meter is zeroed and the tank is full

First of all, to the gas station to fill the tank, and then reset the meter to zero, in the usual open road driving more than 100 kilometers, in fact, to work on it. Afterwards, fueling at the same gas station does not necessarily have to be completed. It is still full, and the number of litres of oil added is recorded as A. Look at the kilometers on the meter and record it as B. This is calculated according to the following formula:

100 km actual fuel consumption = A/B×100

for example:

Miles (km) 150

Fuel Consumption (L) 14

Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L/100km) 9.3

If it is not a taxi, few private cars will use a taximeter, but this method can still try. Fill up the fuel tank first, and then observe the kilometers displayed on the odometer. Then, after traveling for a certain distance, fill up the fuel tank at the gas station and note that the number of kilometers is B and the amount of fuel added is C.

Calculate according to the following formula:

Actual fuel consumption per hundred kilometers = C/(B-A) × 100

for example:

Starting odometer number (km) 150

End odometer number (km) 300

Fuel Consumption (L) 16

Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L/100km) 10.6

When dividing two numbers, do not make mistakes in the order, otherwise the fuel consumption value may vary a lot.

Calculate fuel consumption based on oil and gas

When the oil gauge indicates the E-line, the counter is zeroed, and the oil valued at A is added. According to the current 93# oil price, it is 6.05 yuan/liter, which means that the oil raised by the car is (A/6.05)L. When the vehicle travels to the E-line again, the recorded mileage is B. And according to the following formula:

Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers = (A/6.05)/B×100

for example:

Refueling amount (yuan) 100

Unit price (yuan/liter) 6.05

Miles (km) 200

Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L/100km) 8.2

There will be a slight difference in fuel consumption between winter and summer. The lower temperatures in winter will require a longer time for the cold start of the vehicle, which will increase the corresponding fuel consumption. Now that the temperature gradually rises, the easier start of the car is directly reflected in the fuel consumption. The majority of owners of netizens still have to judge whether their car is over-used according to the actual situation.

The above is about how to calculate the fuel consumption of a car and the estimation of the actual fuel consumption of a car. I hope to help you!