How to calculate 100 km fuel consumption

- Apr 11, 2018-

How to calculate 100 km fuel consumption?

The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers refers to the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers when the car is driving on the road. It is a measure of vehicle fuel consumption. In accordance with the relevant provisions of national standards, manufacturers to determine the fuel consumption is usually two kinds of constant speed fuel consumption and comprehensive conditions of fuel consumption, used to evaluate the performance of the vehicle.

The so-called constant speed fuel consumption is in the objective conditions such as temperature, wind direction, and wind speed specified by the national standard, so that the vehicle maintains a certain speed on a flat road (airport pavement) or on a chassis dynamometer, generally 60 km/h and 90 km/h. Hours, 120 km/h three options, and then through the "flow meter method" or "carbon balance method" to calculate the average fuel consumption of 100 km. At present, constant speed fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is the fuel consumption that most car brands provide to consumers in sales manuals, but the fuel consumption of consumers in actual use is often much higher than constant speed fuel consumption. In the constant speed fuel consumption test, the high fuel consumption states such as acceleration, braking, and idle speed that are faced in the actual driving process are eliminated. At the same time, it is impossible for any driver to maintain an economic speed of 90 km/h during driving, and there are differences in driving environment indicators such as wind speed and temperature. Therefore, the difference in constant fuel consumption between one hundred kilometers and the daily actual fuel consumption level of consumers may sometimes be different. Up to 50%-60%.

The fuel consumption in comprehensive conditions is a new thing. It should be driven according to the conditions specified by national standards (including idle, acceleration, braking, uniform speed, etc.), and then the average fuel consumption per 100 km is calculated by the “flow meter method” or the “carbon balance method”. . At present, there are not many manufacturers that provide consumers with comprehensive conditions fuel consumption, which is closer to the actual fuel consumption of vehicles.


According to normal conditions, the calculation formula for fuel consumption per 100 km is: stage fuel consumption *100 / stage mileage. For example, your fuel consumption is 88L*100/723 kilometers = 12.17L/100 kilometers. It is stated here that stage fuel consumption/phase mileage equals fuel consumption/km, multiplied by 100 is fuel consumption/hundred kilometers.

The above situation is based on the simple calculation of how many liter of fuel is consumed. However, in real life, people seldom deliberately measure how many liters of gasoline they consume. However, the stage fuel consumption can be calculated by combining the oil price and fuel consumption.