Gps tracker platform

- Apr 14, 2018-

Gps tracker platform

The center uses fixed IP access to receive and process various data submitted by the GPS terminal through the mobile network, such as the current location of the terminal, various alarm information of the terminal, etc., and simultaneously processes various query requests submitted by the client. .

The center end consists of hardware and software. The software technology includes database technology, GIS technology, load balancing technology, and network protocol technology.

The GPS positioning platform is divided into the following types according to different applications:

Monitoring and dispatching command system for taxis, long-distance buses and freight vehicles

Logistics vehicle monitoring and dispatching command system

Vehicle dispatching and command system in traffic management and other government departments

Monitoring and dispatching command system for on-duty vehicles of insurance companies

Public security and traffic police monitoring and dispatching command system

Bank monitoring and dispatching command system

Postal, 120 emergency vehicle dispatch monitoring system

Positioning control of organs, four-person vehicles, etc.

Children and old people positioning

The government functional departments handle emergency emergencies and carry out remote monitoring, dispatching and management of the specific responsible person action team.

Military drills control dispatching command monitoring management.

Commissioning tracking, official vehicle management monitoring.

High-tech security protection emergency rescue gifts.

Private detective tools.

Alzheimer's patients and blind people carry it with them to avoid losing.

Psychiatric patients carry around to avoid loss.

Public security keeps track of narcotics.

Marriage and family problems (third party).

Blind walking is inconvenient to follow.

Bicycle, electric car, motorcycle tracking

The eagle flew the route tracking.

Athlete training course tracking.