Gps tracker considerations

- Apr 14, 2018-

Gps tracker considerations

Can not search the stars at home GPS by direct receiving US GPS satellite signal work, need to see the sky in the outdoors to receive satellite signals, indoor can not receive!

Battery life is short. All car-mounted GPS batteries have not been used continuously for a long time. Because the car has a bit of smoke, the designer thinks that there is no opportunity to use the battery for a long time. The battery is only used for backup. The continuous use of the battery is usually only 40 minutes. ~1.5 hours, different models, use different, there will be greater differences. It should be noted that the moment the car ignition is started, the starting current is very large, and there is a risk of burning the car fuse. It is best to do not plug in the cigarette lighter when the car is started.

Inaccurate positioning GPS normal plane positioning error within 10-20 meters, affected by many factors such as weather, US GPS policy, and sometimes even larger. If the location indicated by the map is not accurately on the road, the reason may be that the signal is bad and the delay causes errors. It may be that the map data is occasionally deviated, or the road may be wide, so it seems that the GPS seems to stably offset the road.

Can't search for stars or search for stars. Don't worry if you can't search for satellites or search for stars. Please try again. Do not use one or two, or one or two days to determine the quality of the GPS, because the state of the satellite is different every day, perhaps the same place, the morning signal is full, but the evening signal is almost.