GPS monitoring system detail explaination

- Apr 18, 2018-

The GPS monitoring system is a combination of GPS satellite technology, wireless communication technology (GSM/GPRS/CDMA), image processing technology, and GIS geographic information system technology. It is used to move people, pets, vehicles, and facilities.

Prepare remote real-time monitoring technology.

How to achieve GPS monitoring system function?

To achieve GPS monitoring system function must have three elements: GPS positioning terminal, wireless communication transmission and monitoring system platform, these three elements are indispensable. Through these three elements, three-layer structure

The monitoring system, applied in the field of vehicle dispatch monitoring, can provide functions such as vehicle theft prevention, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring and call command; it can be applied to tracking the field of human pets, and can provide

Tracking of children and pets, functions for the elderly and children when they encounter emergencies.

The three major uses of the GPS monitoring system are: GPS positioning terminal, monitoring system platform, and wireless communication transmission.

GPS positioning terminal

GPS positioning is a front-end device of the GPS monitoring system. It is generally installed in the vehicle or worn on the human body. The GPS positioning device is mainly composed of a single-chip microcomputer, a GPS module, a GPRS module, and an I/O interface.

Peripheral circuit composition.

2. Monitoring system platform

The monitoring system platform is the core of the GPS monitoring system and is a remote visual command and monitoring management platform. Once a GPS monitoring system device is installed on the vehicle or a GPS monitoring system device is worn on the person

The GPS module on the device will send the position information of the car or person to the monitoring center through the wireless network in real time. The visual location of the vehicle, person or pet can be seen on the electronic map of the monitoring center.

The monitoring center can remotely monitor vehicles, people, or pets through a wireless network, and can also set the device, such as setting upload intervals and remotely restarting the device by issuing commands.

3. Wireless communication transmission

Can use GPRS wireless communication network or CDMA wireless communication network, also can use the short message to carry on the data transmission, the modern mainstream is GPRS transmission way. The

GPS Monitoring System System Functions and Features

1.GPS monitoring system function

(1) Real-time monitoring

After the monitoring center issues an immediate command, the GPS positioning terminal promptly uploads position information (including longitude, latitude, azimuth, speed, and number of satellites, etc.) and status information of the vehicle, person or pet.

(2) Remote tracking

The monitoring center can set the GPS tracking terminal on the monitoring software to set the time, set a certain time to upload the location information and status information. Once the setting is successful, the GPS terminal will be based on the monitoring center.

The issued instruction requests timely uploading of the information required by the monitoring center.

(3) Emergency help

When a driver or an individual wearing a GPS terminal encounters a special situation, he or she can use the emergency assistance button to ask for help at the monitoring center. Once the monitoring center receives the distress instruction, the monitoring center staff can provide

Assistance or notification of police assistance.

(4) Track playback

In the playback of historical tracks, the system can check where the vehicle, person, or pet is located on the day in the historical information, and take that route. At that time, the status of the vehicle and other information;

4. Features of GPS monitoring system

GPS monitoring system features real-time, dynamic, bi-directional and accurate.

5. Application of GPS Monitoring System

The GPS monitoring system is mainly used in the vehicle dispatch monitoring industry. In recent years, GPS manufacturers have also introduced GPS monitoring system equipment suitable for the elderly, children, etc., and there are also company-specific adjustments for employees.

Degree equipment, such as the recipient of the courier industry, can use the GPS monitoring system equipment to transmit their location in real time, facilitating command and dispatch.