GPS Locator - Safeguarding the development of the car loan industry

- Apr 18, 2018-

GPS Locator - Safeguarding the development of the car loan industry


Speaking of the GPS Locator in the car loan industry, many people intuitively feel that this is just an electronic product used for anti-theft tracking. Whether the car loan company's risk control personnel knows the GPS locator in depth or not, its use effect will produce a great contrast, and it will have a great impact on whether the final vehicle can be recovered.

The often-occurring case is that the customers of A car loan company went to B company to re-mortgage again and finally prepared to flee, and the risk of fraud is also common in this industry. At this time, the two companies often compare the problem to whoever first discovered the problem. The risk control personnel who find the vehicle first will be able to recover a loss.

The development of the auto loan industry has been for many years, and the capital has been blessed. The competition is very fierce. It is precisely because of this fierce competition that relaxing the risk control threshold and adding to the chaos of management have allowed lawbreakers to take advantage of it, which has greatly increased the defect rate. The borrower’s malicious default, fraudulent loans, and secondary mortgages caused the car loan company to cause a lot of losses, and the GPS locator gradually became the last line of wind control of the car loan company.

"GPS" is a term familiar to everyone. It is a "meridoscope" navigation satellite system developed by the US military. GPS is mainly composed of three parts: space satellite, ground monitoring station and user equipment. The GPS space satellite constellation consists of 21 working satellites and 3 on-orbit spare satellites. Orbiting satellites are regular. No matter where you are in the world, there are at least four satellites at the top of your head. The GPS Locator in the car loan industry can receive satellite signals and then calculate the current position of the vehicle based on the signals. Generally speaking, the accuracy is within 10 meters.

However, with the development of science and technology, the GPS locator in the car loan industry has continuously improved its technology. Only GPS positioning can no longer meet the needs of the industry. Base station positioning, WiFi positioning, and other technologies quickly record vehicle position information in all directions. However, these functions only make a fuss about the accuracy of positioning information. As long as the borrower dismantles the GPS locator, everything goes back to the origin, so GPS's concealment and tamper-proof function become the selling points of various GPS manufacturers and distributors.

GPS locator replacement frequency is very fast, the wireless device is getting smaller and smaller, its purpose is to hide in the body is unknown, once the demolition is "see light dead", the principle is the use of light induction; wired devices in order to prevent equipment After being dismantled, some car loan companies will choose to install an oil-to-power relay, and the remote power-off and flame-retardant function command will be sent to the vehicle. In the actual process, wired and wireless GPS locators are often used in conjunction with each other. The two are bright and dark, and they often play a huge role in car loans.

The GPS Locator in the car loan industry is seen as a wind control tool. It is not installed and can be left free. It is the ability of users to familiarize themselves with the operation of the platform and determine risk. Only the powerful big data analysis capability and hardware equipment early warning function of the GPS monitoring platform combine with the skill of the wind control personnel to build a joint defense body for the wind control of the car loan industry.

After entering the era of big data, the GPS risk control platform with powerful data analysis capabilities became the favorite of car loan companies. Platform data presentation can be presented on the computer side, mobile phone side, or even the WeChat side so that field personnel can hold the mobile phone and chase the car according to the navigation guideline. The platform early warning function is more and more important. The platform early warning combines vehicle parking and trajectory points for big data analysis. The status of the borrower can be judged in the platform, and whether there is a potential risk of loan evasion. The SaaS-class enterprise service GPS monitoring platform system is a wind control weapon for large and medium-sized car loan companies. It distinguishes the rights of organization relationship management, facilitates the management of superiors to subordinates, and the headquarters monitors the branches, greatly improving the wind. Control efficiency.

In the era of financial grasshoppers, GPS locators have not only solved this problem of wind control, but also improved the informationization level of a company, and also improved the efficiency of the company's risk control, allowing companies involved in the car loan industry to eat this reassurance pill. .

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