GPS locator no signal reason analysis

- Apr 13, 2018-

When we use the GPS locator, we will encounter the situation that the GPS locator has no signal. Under normal circumstances, we should look for the reasons from these aspects. Let's take a look together today:

First: GPS positioning equipment is broken

The fact that the antenna is broken, the GSM module is out of order, or the sensitivity of the GPS module is lowered and cannot be located belongs to the GPS device itself. If it is broken, you need to make your own judgment.

Second: The SIM card in the GPS positioning device has no money

For details, contact the operator of the mobile phone card. Inquire whether the mobile phone card has owed fees, whether it has an Internet access function, whether the Internet access function has taken effect, and whether the package has been changed. If it is a mobile phone card, you must open GPRS.

Third: GPS Locator is dead, shut down

Dial the mobile phone number of the locator via the mobile phone. This is the case if the prompt is turned off. Check if there is any problem with the power supply circuit of the positioner and whether there is a power failure. The supply voltage and current are not within the specified voltage and current range of the positioner. The three indicators on the positioner body are not completely off.

Fourth: Your car is in a blind spot, no signal

It is the case that the mobile phone number of the locator is dialed through the mobile phone, if the prompt cannot be connected or is not in the service area. Park the vehicle as far as possible in a condition with good signal conditions (in areas such as underground garages, tunnels, remote blocking, etc., where there is no cell phone signal, the positioner will be offline).

Fifth: improper installation of GPS devices

The position of the locator should not be too closed, and no metal objects should be blocked. This means that the device cannot receive GPS signals from satellites. The mounting position in the vehicle should be as high as possible.