GPS locator always has an artifact to help the elderly to go home

- Apr 17, 2018-

GPS locator always has an artifact to help the elderly to go home

The old man has a GPS locator

Mrs. Chen, an old lady in Zhengzhou, was 78 years old. She traveled by bus alone a few days ago. Due to her older age and memorable nature, she forgot her home address. Later, with the help of the bus chief, the family found her with the GPS locator worn by the elderly.

“This kind of positioning bracelet can set time intervals and send location information to the family’s mobile phone. Once we see the location on the receiving information shows that it is farther away from home, our hearts are tense.” said the elderly man’s son, Mr. Zhang. .

Mr. Wu Lao, who lives in Zhengzhou Cotton Spinning Road, was once lost. The son of Mr. Wu Lao told reporters: “It was probably one afternoon in May last year. He took a walk. He didn’t come back in the evening. Our family looked around and asked the comrades of the police station for help. We also distributed tracing notices everywhere. But nothing came.” On the third day after the incident, the old man was discovered by enthusiastic citizens on a small street in Xushui Town. At that time, the elderly had not eaten for three days.

“He wanted to find his way home, kept walking, and the result went further and further. After this incident, I bought him a mini GPS locator and secretly sew on his clothes because he was particularly disgusted with us. Say he is old." The son of Mr. Wu Lao said with emotion.