GPS Locator alarm function guide (1)

- Apr 18, 2018-

GPS Locator alarm function guide (1)

Vibration alarm

Alarm condition:

When the device is turned on in vibration alarm mode (default is on), after the device enters arming mode (if the vehicle is off, as long as it does not continue for 1 minute

Ignition, the terminal automatically enters the armed state), the device detects the vehicle vibration, triggers a vibration alarm and sends an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring backstage


Corresponding measures:

If the vehicle is triggered by the customer's own use, the alarm can be ignored. If the customer triggers the alarm after leaving the car, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is not damaged.

If people move, relatively far places can use vehicle real-time monitoring to check the safety of the car.

2. Power off alarm

Alarm condition:

In the normal use of the device, when the device is turned on the power failure alarm mode (default is on), if the device detects that the main power is disconnected, it will immediately

Trigger power off alarm and send alarm signal to GPS monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

Check whether the equipment is an alarm when it is disassembled and disassembled, and if it does not need to be regarded. If the customer triggers an alarm under normal use, please be careful.

Reason. There are 2 possibilities.

(1) The customer finds the GPS and removes the GPS. (2) The main power supply is not firm enough during installation.

Call the customer to see if the customer can contact you, test the customer's tone, and see if the customer can come back and check the condition of the car.

When the customer returns, if the equipment has not been touched, the installer should re-test the circuit. If there are traces of dismantlement, change the position and install the credit card, and re-evaluate the customer's credit.

Give customers warnings.

If the customer can not return, check whether the GPS background equipment is offline, arrange for the staff to rush to the car's final location, if the car is found, track

Check the situation and look for opportunities to detect GPS.

If you are offline, the car is not in the positioning position, use the historical playback track to check the car, match the wind controller to find the car, if the problem customers need to drag

Car, in case of collateral.

3. Low-power alarm

Alarm condition:

This alarm is a special alarm for wireless devices. When the power of the device is lower than 10%, it triggers a low-power alarm and the device will send a signal to the alarm.

Monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

(1) The wireless real-time positioning rechargeable device, and receiving the low-power reminder information, needs to contact the customer in time to come back and charge the battery.

(2) Three-year wireless location-free charging device, receiving low-power reminder information needs to contact the customer in time to change the device (changed device waiting

Change the battery).

Note: After the wireless positioning device is turned on for three years, the power used by the positioning device is faster, and it needs to close the real-time positioning and recovery once a day.

In order to avoid the use of no electricity, the customer's car failed to find the car.

4.SOS for help

Alarm condition:

The alarm is for the positioning terminal with SOS button. The alarm needs to be considered to trigger the SOS alarm when the button is pressed.

Send alarm signal to GPS monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

Wired equipment is equipped with SOS button for individual users and rental car users, platform monitor to see the alarm, please contact the person using the vehicle

. Car loan users wired devices do not need to install SOS for help to avoid customers discovering equipment.

The SOS button and the machine of the wireless real-time monitoring device are integrated. If it is found that the alarm proves that someone has taken out the device and pressed the button, please note

,contact clients. If the car loan user or car rental customer contacts the owner to return to reinstall the equipment and re-evaluate the credit of the user.

5. Speeding alarm

Alarm condition:

In the normal use of the positioning terminal, when the speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed value set by the platform (default 120 mai), the speed alarm is triggered.

The standby will send an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring background.

Corresponding measures:

Speeding alarm is a problem of customer's driving safety. In general, it is not necessary to handle it. If necessary, it can prompt customers to drive safely.