GPS Locator

- Apr 20, 2018-

The GPS locator works with 24 GPS navigation satellite signals. It is actually 21 satellites with 3 spare satellites. GPS locator built-in GPS module and mobile communication module, through the GPS module to receive satellite positioning signal, and then through the mobile communication module to the Internet server, which can achieve computer or mobile phone query terminal location.

GPS locators can be roughly divided into two types, one is wiring, the other is not wiring. Wiring GPS locators need to be connected to the power supply, such as the car's power supply system; non-wired GPS locators can be directly absorbed by the magnet in the iron location, but there are certain requirements for location selection, the location of the wired GPS locator also has location The request.

Installation should consider the issue:

1. The windshield is affixed with a metal heat insulation layer or a heating layer, which will reduce the GPS reception signal and cause the GPS positioner to be distorted.

2, the installation location of the equipment should be hidden as possible so as not to be destroyed

3, Avoid with wireless reversing radar, anti-theft devices, and other on-vehicle communications equipment

4, ensure that the GPS locator is facing the sky, easy to receive signals