GPS Frequency Band

- Mar 28, 2018-

GPS frequency band

1, L1 band -1.57542GHz.

2. L2 band - 1.22760 GHz.

3, L3 band -1.38105 GHz.

4, L4 band -1.81440GHz (expected to start using in 2017).


There are many factors that can affect the accuracy of GPS:

The following is a GPS error introduction profile:

Satellite clock error: 0-1.5 meters

Satellite orbit error: 1-5 meters

Ionospheric introduced error: 0-30 meters

Atmosphere introduced error: 0-30 meters

Receiver's own noise: 0-10 meters

Multiple reflection: 0-1 meters

Total positioning error: about 28 meters

     It can be seen that the main GPS positioning error comes from the ionosphere and the atmosphere because the gas molecules in the ionosphere and the water vapor molecules in the atmosphere refract the GPS microwave signal, making it slightly in the route from the satellite to the receiver. Bending causes the receiver to use a curved path as a straight path, introducing errors. This phenomenon is more pronounced when the microwave signal travels obliquely across the ionosphere and the atmosphere because microwave signals travel through it longer and longer.