GPS data

- Apr 14, 2018-

GPS data

In the condition shown, the GPS module SiRFStarIII accepts data for every two output positions, usually $GPRMC data in compact data format, including latitude, longitude purpose, speed (knot), direction of movement direction, year, month, hour, minute, second , Milliseconds, positioning data is valid or invalid, and other important information. The statement format is as follows:


Only need to know the location information, so the only one in reading can be practically applied.

<1>: Local time represents UTC. Format "When per minute, hour, minute and second 2.

<2>: The job represents the country. "" shows available data, "V" indicates that the alert is accepted, there is no available data.

<3>: represents latitude data. "Child's format. Points."

<4>: The latitude hemisphere is represented by "N" or "S".

<5>: Longitude data. Format and LD

The status quo; minutes. Sub-sub-sub-sub."

<6>: Longitude hemisphere, "E" or "

The software reads the latitude and longitude data to obtain the user's position and stops the analysis, confirming that the user's specific location establishes peace in the area. The method is based on the user's settings to determine the center's latitude and longitude and latitude and longitude to calculate that the activity maintains the current object can exceed the peace activity predetermined radius. The result is based on discrimination, set the appropriate sign