GPS antenna installation position

- Mar 15, 2018-

GPS Antenna Recommended installation location:

1. The concealed area inside the decorative panel under the front windshield;

2. The hidden area around the front dashboard;

3, under the rear windshield below the decorative plate;

4, inside the front bumper, need to pay attention to waterproof;

5, under the wiper board, need to pay attention to waterproof.


1. To avoid burglar damage, equipment selection should be concealed as much as possible;

2. Avoid putting together with the emission source, such as reversing radar, anti-theft device, and other vehicle-mounted communication equipment;

3, can be fixed with a tie, or with a wide sponge strong double-sided adhesive can be;

4. The device has a GSM antenna and a GPS antenna. It should be installed face up (facing the sky) with no metal objects above and shielded.