Elantra fuel consumption problem

- Apr 10, 2018-

Hello, you went to the 4S shop a few days ago to re-do 40,000 kilometers of maintenance (spark plugs, oil irrigation, cleaning the engine, power oil, brake oil, etc. do more), do a good job after opening up some of the normal fuel consumption. But this two days has changed back to the same high fuel consumption as before. I really do not know that it is a problem. People are depressed and dead! The car is proud of Hyundai Motor. The fuel consumption before maintenance was 6/8/km. It is now 1 block/km.

Hello: Regarding your inquiries, the problem of high fuel consumption can be checked using a diagnostic computer, and the working conditions of the engine can be seen on the basis of various data. Failures of carbon deposits and electronic control systems, such as carbon deposits in throttle bodies, idle valves, and fuel injectors, inaccuracies in oxygen sensors, intake pressure sensors, and water temperature sensors, affect fuel consumption and fuel consumption. High needs a thorough inspection. If the data is within the normal range. It is indicated that the engine is working normally and the fuel consumption is high. It is important to check the quality of the oil, the driving style, and whether the driving conditions are smooth. Fuel consumption is related to many factors such as driving conditions, driving habits, vehicle maintenance and vehicle load.